/100% Natural
  • Grow Natural



    Humboldt Nutrients Grow Natural is designed to provide essential macronutrients, which are needed throughout your plants lifecycle. Use Grow Natural in conjunction with Bloom Natural, DeuceDeuce, and Equilibrium for a full spectrum of essential nutrients.
  • Bloom Natural



    Humboldt Nutrients Bloom Natural was designed to provide available phosphorus and calcium, which are needed during the flowering stages of the plant life cycle. Using Bloom Natural in conjunction with Grow Natural and our DeuceDeuce can give a gardener a full range of essential plant nutrients. Humboldt Nutrients Natural Bloom is derived from premium Soft Rock Phosphate and Kelp.
  • Humboldt Honey ES



    Humboldt Honey ES is a premium blend of cane molasses, Seaweed, Volcanic Ash, Quillaja Saponaria, and Yucca Extract. Humboldt Honey ES provides a quality food source for essential microflora within healthy soils, who are critical to nutrient uptake and the health of the plant.
  • Deuce Deuce



    DeuceDeuce is a potassium additive derived from sulfate of potash and Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed. Potassium aids plants in enzymatic function, protein and cellulose formation, efficient photosynthesis and rapid transportation of carbohydrates and starches throughout a plant’s vascular system. Using DeuceDeuce in conjunction with Grow Natural, Bloom Natural, and Equilibrium, gives soil gardeners a full spectrum of essential plant nutrients.
  • Hum-Bolt

    HUM-BOLT is a 8% humic acid derived from Leonardite. Humic acid is known to help with ion exchange capabilities, enhanced plant enzymes, and increases in beneficial organism populations. Used in conjunction with a proper nutrient regiment, HUM-BOLT can help increase the health of your plants.
  • FlavorFul

    FlavorFul is a solution of 1% refined Humic acid concentrate
  • Prozyme

    ProZyme is a cleaning solution for growing mediums. Enzymes are biological catalysts, derived from living organisms, and catalysts increase the speed of naturally occurring chemical reactions.
  • Mayan MicroZyme

    Mayan is a bacterial concentrate of micro-organisms that can help increase the fertility and vitality of your plants. The micro-organisms in Mayan are micro-encapsulated and dorminant until agitated, giving them a long and stable shelf life. When the concentrate is diluted in water and aerated, the micro-encapsulation dissolves and the micro-organism populations become active and increase in number. Brew the Mayan like a compost tea, aerating and using the Humboldt Honey ES as a food source, which will proliferate the nitrogen fixing organisms in the Mayan.
  • Myco Madness

    Myco Madness is a water suspendable powder, which contains a biologically active package of mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, and trichoderma. Myco Madness can help plants improve nutrient absorption and water retention. Since Myco Madness is easily suspended in water, it can be watered directly into any soil or soil-less media.